Response from ballet class one:

Thank you for reaching out.

We have some concerns.

Your daughter is young–we only take four year olds if they have significant dance experience.

                 The floors may be slippery.

Your daughter may fall and get injured.

 We only have one instructor per class, so we cannot provide her individualized attention.

Try swimming to get stronger and try again and try again next year.

Response from ballet class two:

I would love for Evelyn to join us.

I have experience with other children who have gross motor delays.

I welcome all children.

I want all children to enjoy dance.

We have ballet/tap combo, or just ballet. Choose the one you want and just let me know!

I look forward to meeting her.

2 thoughts on “Inclusion

  1. Judy Nowlin

    Laura, what a difference in the 2 reactions. The first has such a discouraging and judgmental tone. The second one so accepting. That 1st school director had better change her attitude or find herself slapped with an ADA lawsuit from some parent. She probably doesn’t even know what the law says. Which is exactly what she violated. Makes me angry. Can’t imagine your feelings.

    1. lkgaddis Post author

      I admit I was crushed for Evelyn’s sake. She was so excited to try dance, so I am very grateful to find the second school. It was the first time we faced such blatant discrimination ☹️


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