My Blog is Moving to Medium!

Visit my new Medium Page!

Thank you to all my longtime readers of Sophia’s Story blog! As many of you know, I have my debut memoir “Mosaic” coming out March 4, 2025 with Unsolicited Press. While that is a little ways into the future, it gives me time to create more content to share with those who have supported my writing, and for new people who want to learn a bit about becoming a writer. I’m also working on a new book–another memoir, but this time incorporating family history.

Hop on over to my new space on to see my newest post “My 4 Best Tips for How to Improve Your Writing (Even for Beginners)” If you like what you read, please follow me and sign up to receive emails directly in your inbox with each new post. You’ll learn more about my personal writing journey (becoming a full-time writer at age 40!), how I practice the craft, and how I teach my students to be stronger (and more confident) writers. will continue on to keep my supporters in touch with my current writing and publications.

Much gratitude.