Laura Gaddis is a writer of mostly nonfiction essays including memoir, personal essay, explorations of travel, social issues, religion, mental health, and whatever else she finds to be a place of curiosity. While formally trained in clinical psychology, she found her way back to her love of language and storytelling after the loss of her first daughter Sophia during pregnancy. Since then, Laura has shared a myriad stories from her life. 

Laura enjoys sharing her life and finding beautiful ways to document the struggles that come with being human. She has published in Thin Air Magazine, The Avalon Literary Review, and on popular websites such as Scary Mommy, Tiny Buddha, Still Standing Magazine, and The Mighty.

Laura is an MFA candidate studying creative nonfiction at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She is an educator, teaching Composition and Rhetoric and Intro to Creative Writing at Miami University. She also runs a summer community workshop. She is passionate about bringing writing to those outside of academia, to those who are disadvantaged, and others who just want a community space to write. She believes that anyone can be a writer and should have the opportunity to feel encouraged in such pursuits.

She resides with her husband Jason, daughter Evelyn, and pug Rocky.