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Parenting After Loss

As expected, my first piece, Parenting After Loss, is now up on Mommy Effect! Please take a moment to read, share, and comment if you would like to join the conversation on parenthood, pregnancy loss, and the journey so many of us are on.

I invite everyone to check out Mommy Effect as a fun resource on just about any parenthood topic! Not all experiences are traumatic, sad, or full of loss. Others document their own lives, providing a diverse array of perspective on what it means to be a mother or father. Despite its name, Mommy Effect is a great source of camaraderie for all parents.

Thank you all for your continued support as I chronicle our lives with Sophia and now raising little Evelyn. It is my hope to bring more high-spirited pieces to Mommy Effect while continuing to address the more difficult issues on Sophia’s Story.