Another Fur Baby Lost

This post is not part of Sophia’s Story.

In the past four years, we have lost three babies and two dogs. After a long struggle with chronic, and serious, health problems, we had to put down our beloved Harley. We spent the last two years working hard to keep him happy. After going blind and suffering from a debilitating neurological disorder, he just couldn’t go on. We just couldn’t go on. It is heartbreaking for anyone to lose a pet.  As people who suffer recurrent pregnancy loss, it is devastating.

Yet another troubling loss mixes with the painful question: why does the universe take away any living creature we try to love? 


2013-10-18 13.08.03

Published by lkgaddis

I have been working on this memoir-style project for a while now, and I'm excited to share it with others. My hope is to get as wide an audience as possible, and to receive comments, suggestions, and ideas to improve and expand what I have. I also want to encourage others to become curious about the topic of babies, and the loss that can come with the adventures of trying to start a family. In the world of celebrating healthy babies, we who know otherwise need a voice too.

5 thoughts on “Another Fur Baby Lost

  1. I’m so sorry sweetie. Breaks my heart. I’m going through something similar with my 17year old fur baby. I can’t bear to see him go. The feeling of loss is so profound, on top of what we’ve been through. Wish there was something I could do for you. Sending hugs xx


    1. Thank you. I’m so sorry to hear of your own struggles with your little fur baby. Pets have such a special place in our lives and bring such joy that when we have to let them go, it just opens so many wounds. Sending you my sympathies.


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