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Evelyn Hope

On July 16, 2015, Sophia gained a little sister with the surprise early arrival of Evelyn Hope. Born at 5:16 am, Evelyn made her way into our lives at 31w 4d. Being the fighter that we know she is, her need for respiratory devices was short lived, she feeds like a champ, and is largely off any machines. With the help of a feeding tube and physical therapy for her joint contractures, Evelyn continues to thrive and change each day. As difficult as it is to leave her in the NICU each night, the nurses, doctors, and staff caring for her love her (nearly) as much as we do. She is in the best of hands (aside from ours, of course).

There are so many blessing with Evelyn’s early arrival. We can definitively address her health issues, of which there are fewer than most doctors thought. With a thorough examination from a geneticist, we have more confidence that her contractures are due to my septated uterus and are positional. Pending genetic testing to confirm our long held suspicions, her daily stretches have markedly improved her muscle tightness–impressive for a preemie nine days old. Our NICU doctors are optimistic, positive, encouraged, and supportive of our thoughts and impressions. Having a baby born prematurely is terrifying; getting on track with helping Evelyn in real life is liberating.

The support from family and friends has been overwhelming throughout my entire pregnancy and during the past week-and-a-half with Evelyn. It brings tears to our eyes to recount the number of people who stopped by to visit, bring gifts, offer meals, send flowers, and send a quick text message asking for updates. Our lives have been turned upside down: half ready nursery, no preemie clothes on hand, work obligations put on hold, numerous trips back and forth to the hospital, meals on the run when we can find a bite to eat, and a pug who is very confused and at times acting out in protest. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Evelyn Hope

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