Footprints on the Heart– by Flavia Weedn

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.

footprints-on-heart-nostalgia-diaries-blogWhen my sister made a scrapbook for our daughter Sophia, she used the only sonogram images, photographs, hand and footprints, and hospital bracelets that we had after our young daughter’s death. Today, as we brought the book out to reminisce about the day she born, I was reminded of the poem she included on the very last page. These words, by poet Flavia Weedn, brought tears to our eyes. They are simple, wise, and so true for us all.

Today, we celebrate Sophia’s seventh birthday. We talk of her daily, we think about her often, and we tear up occasionally. Our toddler Evelyn feels the impact as much as we do; she pointed to a picture of my husband and me holding her sister and she said the words, “night night.” While she may not fully understand she had a sister who could not stay, Sophia found a way to imprint on Evelyn too. Sophia is a force of nature, guiding us each step of the way on life’s journey after loss. The footprints she left on our hearts are far bigger than the inky prints we took the day she was born.

Published by lkgaddis

I have been working on this memoir-style project for a while now, and I'm excited to share it with others. My hope is to get as wide an audience as possible, and to receive comments, suggestions, and ideas to improve and expand what I have. I also want to encourage others to become curious about the topic of babies, and the loss that can come with the adventures of trying to start a family. In the world of celebrating healthy babies, we who know otherwise need a voice too.

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