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My First Piece on Still Standing Magazine

I am excited to announce my first written piece, Moving On is Very Different Than Moving Forwardis now published on Still Standing Magazine! It is an honor to be a contributor on this site; only those who have walked the grief-filled journey of infertility and child loss make up the writing force behind this fantastic source of support. We each have a story very different from each other, yet we can all understand this journey in which we all feel a sense of loneliness. We are never really alone. Some loss happens early on in pregnancy; others feel the loss of the potential to ever bear children. Many stories of loss happen later in a child’s life, after a family had been happily established. All of these cause grief. All of these topics are covered on Still Standing. 

In addition to discussing loss, many pieces speak of the struggle, optimism, trauma, and the ultimate goal of clinging to the hope that one day our lives take a turn that will bring happiness once again. There are topics such as rainbow babies, adoption, and finding peace in a childless life that can shine a light on the hopeful which we all yearn.

Moving On is Very Different Than Moving Forward is one of a series of at least eight over the next year that will appear on Still Standing. It is my hope that all of those who have followed my story through Sophia’s Story as well as my parenting articles on Scary Mommy (Yesterday I Honestly Disliked My Toddler, To the Woman Who Showed Compassion for My Crying Toddler on the Planewill continue to enjoy my writing through this new outlet.